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DSC Tracing Modules
(Emergency Tracking/ Pet Tracking/ Safety Tracking)

The DSC light kinetic energy emergency anti-lost tracker adopts the DSC low-light energy acquisition module, and integrates advanced communication protocol systems such as Bluetooth, NBIOT, GPS, base station positioning, etc., and is designed to be continuously used without charging during the standby alert period. DSC (dye-sensitized photodynamic technology) is different from general solar modules. It has the highest conversion efficiency among all photovoltaic power generation technologies in relatively low light and indoor environments, which is about 2-3 times the power generation of traditional solar technology.
Different from ordinary anti-lost trackers, the DSC light kinetic energy anti-lost tracker uses a DSC low-light power generation module, so it generates electricity when there is light and is suitable for any light situation. Generally, people's activities are under indirect sunlight, and this situation can best maximize the effectiveness of the DSC and provide the highest charging efficiency.
The DSC light-powered emergency anti-lost tracker can not only be worn on important items such as briefcases, purses, keys, etc., but can also be worn by elders or women around their necks, or even hung on children's schoolbags. When the item (person) leaves the set Bluetooth range of the mobile phone, the owner will be notified immediately. When the owner is not sure where the object (person) was lost, he can turn on the tracking mode and use GPS to confirm the location. When encountering a dangerous situation, the wearer presses the emergency red button on the DSC light-powered emergency anti-lost tracker, and a signal will be sent to notify the mobile phone number that has been bound in advance, to avoid regrets.
The DSC light-powered emergency anti-lost tracker can absorb light energy and convert it into electrical energy in a bright environment. Therefore, there is an endless supply of electricity. If the power mode is not turned on, there is no need to charge. Therefore, this product is suitable for women to wear on their purses. Press the emergency button when they feel scared when passing through a dark alley, and a signal will be sent to notify the set object so that the other party can instantly know where they are.
In addition, the elderly wear the DSC light-powered emergency anti-lost tracker on their necks. Unlike mobile phones, which are heavy and difficult to use, if they fall or encounter an emergency, they can notify their family members by pressing the emergency red button. The same is true for children. A simple operation can prevent beloved family members from getting lost or having accidents.

Product Comparison
Product Specification
  1. Main material: Reinforced silicone DSC dye-sensitized anti-UV photodynamic module

  2. Colour: four colours, including dark brown, can be customized if necessary.

  3. Appearance size: Designed as a pendant shape that can be illuminated on both sides, it can be directly hung on the body or used on bags/backpacks. The outermost edge has a length, width and height of 9*5.1*1.2 cm. It can also be customized according to the lighting environment and power consumption requirements of the end product.

  4. Operating temperature : -10 °C ~ +60 °C

  5.  Use environment: It is recommended to use the ambient light condition of 50-10000 Lux, which is about the lighting situation of indoor and general outdoor human activity environment. When the average illumination is above 500 Lux for more than 8 hours, the device can be guaranteed to be free from charging when it is on standby. When the locator activates the help function, under the original conditions, it can continue to track and find the target for more than 20 days.

  6. Product Warranty: One-year warranty under normal use conditions (including communication agreement fees).

  7. Place of Origin: Taiwan

  8.  Reference method of use: Please refer to the instructions in the product package, and after making relevant settings, it can be used normally. It is recommended to test the SOS positioning function first to ensure that the device can perform as expected in an emergency. 

    Special reminder: Once the device activates the help positioning function, please recharge the device completely after finding the target, and return to the standby alert setting to ensure that the device is in the best working condition.

We provide ODM and OEM flexible cooperation modes to produce DSC self-powered tracing module.
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