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Marketing Strategy

To increase reputation and understanding of the industry; provide a better cost-effective solution; and expand the market, passing the basic verifications led by successful examples may be required. Therefore, to carry out the 10 key applications that are mentioned above, TDP had communicated with several clients, developed cooperation agreements with international big-scaled companies, and integrated different communication protocols with power management systems for different fields of application. For Example, BeiDou, GPS, BLE and LPWAN (NB-IoT/ CAT-1/ LORA/ SIGFOX). We believe that as more and more self-powered applications have been published, we would add fuel to the flame of the IoT market.

Short-Term Plan
  • Increase exposure opportunity by actively participating in international IoT related organizations (e.g. EnOcean Alliance, Sensor, Bluetooth and Zigbee) and exhibitions (e.g. Energy Harvesting & Storage USA, Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe).

  • Promote the unique marketing method of self-powered technology by actively building cooperative relations with manufacturers of micro-power management circuit such as Texas Instruments, Linear Technology, and so on.

  • Actively provide modular self-powered solutions for LPWAN (NB-IOT, CAT-1, LORA, SIGFOX) to accelerate the applications that are requested for the IoT.

  • Reinforce the specification diversity of self-powered products that are developed with cooperative companies to satisfy different power demands and transmission conditions of clients.

  • Market through international crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indigogo to promote self-powered end-products. This B to C method would not only increase exposure and reputation, but also gain attention of businesses and companies that are interested in cooperation.

Long-Term Plan
  • According to clients’ requests, offer both ODM and OEM partnership models for customized solutions.

  • Increase product and company exposure by strategically bonding alliances with domestic and overseas companies that are well-known.

  • Continuously improve the power output/ efficiency performance of the DSC self-powered module to satisfy demands of higher power consuming device in the future.

  • Promote TDP’s unique turnkey total solution worldwide via interaction with key applications system integration, such as wireless IoT, portable battery charger, and wearable devices. The produced outcome will act as part of overall industry developments to complete a supportive manufacture and interaction platform.

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