Total Dynamic Power PV Ltd. (TDP) was established in 2011, focusing on both DSC flexible and rigid module technology development and turnkey solution total package. TDP has successfully managed DSC key technology, with multiple patents and know-how.


To be the worldwide leader in IOT self-powered solution


We aim to combine the core concept of mobile energy with self-powered technology, powering the devices without battery or extending battery life. Various applications have been developed and identified with TDP solution to fulfill the significant industrial demand.


 Verified Potential Self-Powered Applications

Power source and maintenance have been the biggest problem of the semiconductor and system industry. Therefore, after 2014, many large-scaled IC chip companies have been developing energy harvesting solutions, which is to obtain renewable energy from the environment such as light, heat, and vibration. IDTechEx had mentioned that the energy harvesting applications would breakthrough 10 billion devices in year 2021. As method, costs and revenue are considered, light energy harvesting may be the most potential market because DSC self-powered module is known to be the most efficient in producing power under artificial light.

Integration with LPWAN

As 3G, 4G and even 5G base stands’ low power wide areas network (LPWAN, such as NBIOT/CAT-1) are broadly built, various IoT systems develop rapidly. Not to mention those applications of independent protocols such as LORA and SIGFOX. While DSC’s modularized self-powered solution effectively solves many power problems of wireless sensors and mobile devices, this could grow together with AI and the big data technology, which would also push up the current developing IoT Industry.


        As 5G and the technology of AI had developed with the new generation, demands for the IoT elements would increase substantially, and powering up stable and convenient devices had become a key factor of the industry growth.

        Take the basic environment sensor as an example, the market scale would grow from 560 million USD (2014) to 920 million USD in 2021. The DSC self-powered module was tested and proven to be applicable in any human environment with light and to provide stable power source for IoT sensors. It is believed that DSC can effectively solve the problems of wireless IoT sensors that consumes low power. Therefore, the market share of TDP and DSC in the future is worth looking forward to.Also, the demands on locators/ trackers have been ascending. The potential is huge as the demand for pet tracker itself reaches up to 5.5 million pieces in only North America. It is predicted that out of all IoT devices in 2021, low power consumed sensors applicated with the DSC self-powered module could take up to 1% of the overall quantity (260 million). Furthermore, if relevant IoT devices could reach 20% of market share on the low power consumed sensors, the potential market of DSC self-powered module could achieve 52 million pieces.



In the field of environment energy harvesting, dominates are lighting, heating, vibration, and wireless electrics; lighting is the most suitable for all applicable situations. IDTechEx Reports indicates that light energy harvesting technology provides utmost 100μW/cm2 of energy in door, which is sufficient for operation for the power required for wireless sensor devices and signaling under any circumstances. The only requirement is to implement sensors at lighting areas. In contrast with other energy harvesting strategies, light energy harvesting contains more advantages. Therefore, light energy harvesting technology shall be the best option amongst wireless sensor applications.

Furthermore, integrating environmental harvested energy based on the Hybrid concept, may satisfy most of the needs of self-powered IoT devices. Our product can really achieve the goals of wireless, disposable battery-less, and no limitations.

Above shows that under 10,000 Lux of illumination, TDP’ s DSC module performs the highest efficiency comparing to a-Si solar cells and the others. Human environment defines areas where human can comfortably live and perform daily activities within long hours. In addition, above shows that under 200 Lux of indoor low-light, DSC carries out the best efficiency rate comparing to the others.




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