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  • Military police and disaster relief personnel can be used as an emergency power source for lighting and communication in special tasks or disaster relief situations.

  • It can be used as an official emergency rescue standard equipment in normal times and can be stored for 3-5 years. Can also be used as private carry-on emergency equipment for mountain expeditions in case of emergency.

  • With 6 hours of sunshine, the power generated by the dye-sensitive battery can make the phone stand by for 68 hours or talk for 80 minutes. (30% average sunlight intensity x 6 hours)

  • It can be used as backup power for 3C products, providing power and lighting functions.

  • Can be used as standard equipment in emergency kits, providing a source of power for use in emergencies.

DSC Emergency Charging Pack
Product Specifications
Product Features
  1. The dye-sensitive panel is light in weight, flexible, and convenient for storage and application

  2. Low sensitivity to climate environment (sunny, cloudy and rainy/early morning and dusk/temperature difference between winter and summer, etc.)
    Can generate electricity.

  3. Equipped with the latest energy storage control technology "Maximum Power Tracking System (MPPT)", compared to products without this control technology
    Increases energy storage effect by 50%. At the same time, it is equipped with battery transition charging protection and a charging display device.

  4. The dye-sensitive panel is waterproof and can be used continuously in rainy weather.

  5. When there is no sunlight, the dye-sensitive battery can still be irradiated by other visible light sources to generate electricity and store energy, and continue to charge the battery.

  6. The power stored in the battery can additionally provide output (5V) for use in related electrical appliances and lighting products.

Actual Test Conditions

Charge for 30 minutes under direct sunlight, which can provide 30 hours of standby time or 45 minutes of talking. (Sun Light Intensity: 100% Sun = 100,000 Lux; Test Phone Specifications: Smartphone iPhone4S)

Expected Application Environment and Benefits
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