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Power Management Modules
The use of any environmental renewable energy, due to the volatility and instability of its energy source, must first be efficiently stored, and then stably output for use by wireless devices. Since this is a micro-energy harvesting technology, it requires higher efficiency and stability of power management.
TDP is a micro power management module specially designed and developed for DSC dye-sensitive batteries, which can boost and store power efficiently and output stably, and the built-in MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) can effectively manage the power generated by DSC . Therefore, potential application customers only need to use TDP's photo-dynamic energy modules and special micro-power management circuits to quickly conduct practical tests of related application products in the expected use environment, accelerating the promotion and popularization of the application market.
The currently set output can be used in the range of 3.7V-5V, and when the stored power is too low, it will automatically switch to the rechargeable battery for power supply.

Product Features

● DSC input voltage 0.8V~5V
● Power output can be switched between 3V/5V
● Automatically switch to backup battery power supply when the stored power is too low
● Charging status light display
● Built-in MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) for optimal power management

Product Specification

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