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DSC Self-powered Keyboard and Mouse
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The relatively large and popular wireless application devices around the computer are nothing more than keyboards and mice. The relative power consumption of these two key applications is low, and the usage scenarios are basically in the indoor low-light environment, so it is an application that is very suitable for the TDP photo-dynamic energy module. In practice, it should be able to be used continuously for a long time without regular charging, so as to achieve the goal of convenience and environmental protection.

Overview of Potential Applications
  1. High efficiency of low-light power generation, wide application market
    TDP has been deeply engaged in the production technology of low-light power generation soft board modules for nearly ten years, and the technology is leading. In a relatively low-light environment below 1/10 sunlight or about 10,000 lux (illuminance), the power generation efficiency of the module is as high as 15% or more, which is the highest among various current types. The crown of low-light energy harvesting technology. TDP modules can absorb full spectrum energy to achieve the best power generation efficiency, especially suitable for power supply applications of various Internet of Things wireless sensing devices in human-induced environments.
    In short, this technology can replace the application of traditional batteries; it is free of cables and maintenance; it is more environmentally friendly, stable and convenient; it reduces the overall cost of the product life cycle by more than 40%, and the benefits are higher.
    There are dozens of potential applications that have been tested and verified, mainly including: Bluetooth technology-related applications (remote control/headphones/sensing and positioning signal transmission), electronic paper technology-related applications (electronic tags/conference table cards/car advertisements) ), related applications of wireless sensing technology (sustainable power supply for sensing and monitoring devices such as temperature and humidity/illuminance/various industrial and environmental indicators), mobile/wearable energy (emergency charging pack/mobile charging pack), and New concept of IoT wireless device power supply.

  2. Environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency, energy harvesting unicorn
    The self-powered system using TDP light energy harvesting can effectively reduce the use of traditional batteries, which will make a huge contribution to battery reduction and environmental protection. And TDP's leading manufacturing and application technology is also expected to become a unicorn in this light energy harvesting industry.

  3. Compliance, non-toxic, non-polluting, friendly environment, long life
    TDP self-power supply system, passed RoHS test, no heavy metal pollution, in line with European and American market requirements. And through process improvement and material research and development, the use of toxic substances is avoided, and the waste generated by the process can be eliminated through efficient treatment routines to remove environmental pollution and meet the standards of clean energy.
    The lifetime of TDP modules leads the industry (passed by the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute, and still has a power generation efficiency of 95% in five years).

  4. The whole production chain of materials and equipment, manufacturing and R&D is the best
    TDP production line equipment and process materials are all independently researched and developed. Through the integration of the entire industry supply chain, we provide the best cost-effective and flexible customized manufacturing solutions to create the highest value for the application products in the market terminal.

DSC Self-powered Remote Control
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Every year, about 250 million remote controllers of various kinds are produced worldwide, about one-tenth of which are relatively high-end and high-priced applications (eg: special transmission technology/frequency band/full-featured, etc.). In any case, the battery consumption and environmental protection burden it brings is also extremely alarming.
As long as a small area of the dye-sensitive DSC photodynamic module can be continuously charged and stored in a general indoor light environment (about 300-500 Lux), the remote control can be stably used for a long time without replacing the battery. If the life of the remote control is 5-8 years, and the battery does not need to be replaced 3-4 times during the period, the overall cost-effectiveness of the DSC is relatively high, and it is very environmentally friendly, and the battery reduction benefits brought by it are extremely considerable.
We provide customized production of high-end, environmentally friendly and inexpensive light-powered remote controls. Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. TDP solar technology and our FPC DSC modules may be the solution to all charging and battery problems.

DSC Self-powered Sensors
Application of temperature and humidity / illuminance / air quality / smoke / pressure and other related sensing

For many environmental sensing requirements and needs, most of them require extensive deployment of sensors and regular continuous detection. Therefore, no need to pull cables or replace batteries from time to time for maintenance has become a very important consideration when deploying. The self-powered solution of the TDP photo-dynamic energy module continuously supplies power to the sensing device to ensure that the supply and consumption required for its regular sensing and transmission signals are met, and a large number of extensive and low-cost deployment and maintenance become feasible. It is also the basic project of the so-called smart city, smart industry, smart agriculture, etc.

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