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DSC Self-powered E-book Cover

The world's first e-book came out in 2004, and it wasn't until Amazon's first sale of KINDLE in 2007 that it became a hit, and it lit up the unlimited business opportunities of e-books. Currently, more than 7.5 million e-books are sold annually.

What are the future advantages of e-books?
In this era of advanced information dissemination, e-books combined with rich book download content make reading more lively and easy to review. E-books have a large storage capacity and can access the Internet wirelessly at the same time. You can download the required book content from the Internet at any time. It has the advantages of various functions of the computer. It has been widely used in recent years and has been gradually implemented in advanced countries such as Japan and the United States. In the future, if manufacturers successfully mass-produce colour e-books, they will be able to open up the children's book and textbook market. The market potential and channel development of e-reading, as well as the peripheral products related to e-books, will also have huge development space.

However, the more people who use e-books to read, the more the demand for e-book covers will increase.

DSC light energy harvesting technology generates electricity when there is light, and the power generation is far superior to other traditional solar energy technologies on the market in a human-induced environment where the illuminance is lower than 10,000 lux. Since e-book consumers generally read indoors, on balconies, in the shade of parks and in other indirect sunlight, the DSC light-powered e-book jacket is ideal for this situation as it can maximize its effectiveness.
The DSC light kinetic energy e-book jacket combines the DSC light energy collection technology with the ordinary e-book jacket, which is not only light, thin, flexible, customizable and beautiful, but also more convenient to use.
When the e-book is used and the protective cover is closed, the DSC light kinetic energy sheath converts the collected light into electricity, providing an endless supply of micro-power for the e-book, so that the e-book is not consumed when it is on standby, so the standby is free of charge. If the e-book is left idle in relatively bright light such as a window, it can even replace the traditional cable charging and can be used continuously for a long time. The DSC light-powered e-book jacket will solve the cumbersome and easy-to-forget charging problem, and become a high-tech emerging product for environmental protection and sustainable development.

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