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Advantages of DSC
Why Choose DSC?

When there is light, it generates electricity. In the human-induced environment where the illuminance is lower than 10,000 lux, the power generation of dye-sensitive photodynamic cells is far superior to other light energy harvesting technologies on the market.

  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic

  • Has the highest photoelectric conversion rate (15% -18%) in the human-induced environment

  • Ultra-thin and flexible photovoltaic modules.

  • Direct boost with a single module, convenient application, beautiful appearance and low current consumption

  • No cable, no battery, generate electricity when there is light

  • The modular design has great flexibility for customization.

  • The world's leading solar energy battery technology

  • Independent research and development of the whole process, strong technical control.

  • Self-developed micro power management system.

  • Mass production technology, equipment, and modules have all been verified.

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